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Real Estate Contact Management

A person has a role with a real estate property. A person can be a owner, broker, seller, buyer, or vendor. With Reiance, you can specify the person’s relationship to a property. As you continue building contact list in Reiance, you will have a clear picture of people’s involvement with various properties.

Show the Map with Contact

With Reiance, you can connect a contact with a real estate property. You can view all of properties related to a contact on a map. This provides an easy way to access a contact's properties based on location. This will also help you understand the presence of a person or company in a real estate market.

Call and Follow Up

As a customer relationship management software, Reiance provides ways to record conversations and create tasks. The notes will be shared with your team members. You can also create tasks to follow up with a contact and assign tasks to team members.

Find Your Contacts

Reiance makes it easy to organize and find your contacts. You can find your contacts based on their name or tags. Since contacts are linked to properties, you can also easiy get to contacts from a property detail page.

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