Real Estate Tracking

The Perfect Solutions to Manage Your Real Estate Pipeline

About Real Estate Tracking

Every real estate deal is different. Reiance’s Real Estate Tracking provides easy access to the information while you navigate through deals. You can manage various real estate property information including description, unit information, external links, contacts, videos, and more. Reiance is designed with an emphasis on customization. With easy access to information suited to your business, you can quickly assess your real estate deal pipeline.

How It Can Help Your Real Estate Business

  1. Log all information about properties in pipeline in one place
  2. Customize deal pipeline for the way you evaluate real estate properties
  3. Rate properties based on your customized rating scale to quickly filter through properties
  4. Share up-to-date property information with your team
  5. Track tasks related to a property with team members
  6. Get a high level view of your deal pipeline and identify which properties to focus on

Some of Real Estate Tracking Features in Reiance:

Property Information

Keep everything about real estate properties in one place

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Manage contacts for your real estate business along with real estate information

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Rate real estate properties based on your categories. Then easily search and filter using them.

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Label real estate properties and contacts using your categories. Then easily search for them later.

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Search and Filter

Quickly access real estate properties and contacts you are looking for.

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Custom Formulas

Let Reiance crunch numbers on your properties using property information and formulas.

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