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Manage real estate information for origination and servicing.

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Real Estate Information for Loans

Reiance is an easy-to-use CRM for managing real estate information. With Reiance, you will be able to keep track of information on collaterals for real estate loans for both origination and servicing.

View Properties in Lending Portfolio

Reiance provides a birds-eye view of the real estate properties in your loan portfolio. You can find and sort properties by loan status. With the high visibility of your properties, you can better prioritize your time and energy.

Access Property Information

Reiance is designed specifically for real estate business. Unlike other generic CRM software, fields relevant to real estate properties are available out of the box.

Manage Contacts and Relationships

Reiance ties contacts with a real estate property. For a given property, you will be able to record roles such as borrowers, servicers, appraisers, and inspectors.

Some of Features for Real Estate Investors:

Property Information

Keep everything about real estate properties in one place

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Manage contacts for your real estate business along with real estate information

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Search and Filter

Quickly access real estate properties and contacts you are looking for.

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Stay on top of tasks for your real estate deals

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Collaborate on real estate deals with your team on a single platform

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Rate real estate properties based on your categories. Then easily search and filter using them.

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Join Reiance and manage your real estate information.

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