Real Estate Intelligence

Build your private real estate property database for market intelligence

About Real Estate Intelligence

With Reiance, you will accumulate market information that will pay dividends in the future. Entering property and contact information into Reiance will build the intelligence of the market including ownership information, comparables, and valuations. The information you enter is searchable and indexed for easy access. When you look at look at another property nearby, you can leverage the information you have included in the past deal. Every piece of information you enter builds your intelligence that you can share with your team.

How It Can Help Your Real Estate Pipeline

  1. Enter information on properties into Reiance
  2. Search for previously entered property information using filters like name, address, rating, price and more
  3. Customize tags for properties and contacts
  4. Enter contact information for properties to
  5. Revisit properties and review changes such as asset quality, occupancy, and pricing.

Some of Real Estate Database Features in Reiance:

Property Information

Keep everything about real estate properties in one place

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Manage contacts for your real estate business along with real estate information

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Search and Filter

Quickly access real estate properties and contacts you are looking for.

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Label real estate properties and contacts using your categories. Then easily search for them later.

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Change Logs

Always know how your team made a decision

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