Real Estate Contact Management

Manage and Maintain Relationships for Real Estate Business

About Real Estate Contact Management

Each real estate property represents many relationships. They include owners, buyers, sellers and vendors. You need to have a good view of these relationships to be successful in your real estate business. Through contact management, connection to real estate properties, and search capability, Reiance provides an effective way to manage them. Reiance is a CRM specifically designed for real estate.

How It Can Help Your Real Estate Business

  1. Keep detailed record of a contact
  2. Know how a person is related to real estate properties
  3. Understand a contacts presence and involvement in a market

Some of Contact Management Features in Reiance:


Manage contacts for your real estate business along with real estate information

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Label real estate properties and contacts using your categories. Then easily search for them later.

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Search and Filter

Quickly access real estate properties and contacts you are looking for.

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Stay on top of tasks for your real estate deals

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Property Information

Keep everything about real estate properties in one place

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Join Reiance and build strong relationships for your real estate business.

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