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CRM Built for Real Estate

Information on your real estate deals become powerful when it is organized appropriately. Unlike other generic CRMs, Reiance is structured specifically for managing real estate deals. Relevant fields such as asset types, address, units, units, valuations are included by default. Other useful information such as link, tasks, notes, changes logs, video provide ways to stay on top of your real estate investments.

Put It on a Map

Reiance geocodes addresses of your real estate properties and puts them on a map. You can view a map for a property along with street view. You can also search for your properties based on the address. You can easily access your properties by location. As your evaluate different real estate properties for your business, you will build a map with vital market information.

Know the Key Players

Real estate business is about people. Knowing related contacts and their roles in a deal is vital for your business. In a property page, you can record related contacts for a deal and easily access them. If there are other properties tied to a contact, you will be able to easily add them as well. For instance, you can build a profile of owners with their properties. This will provide a valuable context for your team when you contact them.

Focus on What's Important

In your real estate business you need to know where to focus on. Reiance provides ways to prioritize and organize your properties. You can specify which stage in the pipeline a property is in. You can tag a property. You can highlight an important property as well.

Know your History

Real estate deals don’t happen overnight. A deal is often a culmination of many conversations, analysis, visits, inspections, and negotiations. To be successful, you need to have a have a good handle on these pieces of information. With Reiance, you can record all of the information. Reiance will also maintain log of changes and updates so that you will have a timeline of a deal.

Reference Other Sites

You can add various links to the real estate property. Using property address, Reiance will also automatically put Smart Links that forwards you to useful sites like Google Maps, Zillow, Trulia, FEMA Flood Map and more. The list of Smart Links are growing.

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