Rating Real Estate Properties

Rate real estate properties based on your categories.
Then easily search and filter using them.

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Rate Real Estate Deals

Every real estate deal is different. It is important to evaluate your deals based on your criteria. With Reiance, your team and record ratings based on your criteria. These ratings provide an quick and easy way to summarize and categorize deals.

Rate Based on Your Criteria

Every real estate investor looks at a deal differently. With Reiance, you can add ratings that you use, such as market, demand, profit potential, stability, and property condition.

Search using Ratings

Once you have rated your properties, you can filter properties based on your ratings. For instance, you can find all of A-rated properties in a city. This provides another convenient way to access your property information.

Rate with Your Team

As a collaboration platform for real estate, Reiance lets you rate properties with your team members. It will also keep track of who rated properties and history of changes for your reference. The change logs can be beneficial when reviewing how a deal went.

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