Use Tags to Organize Properties and Contacts

Tag real estate deals or contacts.
Then easily search and filter using them.

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Stay Organized with Tags

Whether you are looking for a residential real estate or commerical real estate, you don't want to be wading through countless pages to find the informaiton you are looking for. Reiance's tagging lets you quickly locate the property or contacts that you are looking for.

Tag Properties

When you are managing real estate deals, you need quick access to your property information. Custom tags helps you quickly categorize and find the properties. Create tags to fit your criteria. For instance, you may want to tag a property to be a stablized asset or a turn-around property. You may want to tag a deal to be short-term or long-term.

Tag Contacts

You can also use tags to organize your contacts. In your real estate deals, you will come across people of different roles. You may have to attend to them according to their role. For instance, you may have a calling campaign for property owners to soruce deals. As a real estate CRM, Reiance lets you use tags to categorize them appropriately so that you can access their information based on the roles.

Search with Tags

You can search for both properties and contacts with specific tags. With tags, you will be able to quickly narrow results down to contacts or properties that you are looking for.

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