Custom Formulas for Quick Analysis

Enter custom formulas for your business model.
Then let Reiance calculate them on your real estate properties.

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Let It Calculate

Real estate business models have quick shortcuts for valuations. These are not complete underwriting or valuations, but they are still very useful for real estate investors and professionals. For instanace, in a multifamily property, number of units, occupancy, rent, expense ratio, and CAP rate will provide a preliminary value. In Reiance, you can create such formulas so that it can calculate the numbers for you. As a sophisticated real estate tool and CRM, this will speed up your deal analysis.

Sophisticated Lanauge

Custom formulas are coded in Javascript lanaguage. It is highly customizeable yet much easier to code than formulas in spreadsheets. Spreadsheets where you have to cram your logic into cells that are hard to read. Using Javascript, you can easily create and maintain code that is specific to your business.

Be Consistent

Once a formula is created for an asset type, it is applied to all of properties of the type. This provides consistent analysis to your properties whether it is a current real estate investment or an old one.

We Can Help with Coding

There is no software developer in your office? Don't worry. Our implementation team can help you to create your formulas.

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